Medieval Knight Suit

Medieval Wearable Knight CRUSADOR Full Suit of Armour Collectibles Armor Costume

Medieval Wearable Knight CRUSADOR Full Suit of Armour Collectibles Armor Costume

Medieval Wearable Knight CRUSADOR Full Suit of Armour Collectibles Armor Costume
This Templar Knight Suit of Armor inspired by 15th Century Suits of Armor worn by the crusaders in the Holy Land. The Knights Templar have become famous during the centuries of their existence, leaving a mark in history that still survives strongly today. Originally developed in the height of the middle ages, crusader armor is renowned for its flawless articulation, slick aesthetic, and beautiful fluting that makes it stand out from other armor designed in this time.

It is hand forged made from 18 gauge steel, which helps to make it as stout and sturdy as the original armor. This symbol of the knightly age comes partially assembled and is fully articulated. High quality and historical authenticity make them a valuable and impressive collector item.

This wearable suit comes with an extraordinary crusader helmet with visor and narrow eye slit. This is a full set that includes almost all of the steel armor you need to start fighting: helmet, cuirass (front and back with tassets), pauldrons, arm harness, gauntlets, leg armor, full greaves, sabatons, shield and white cape. This is very elaborate in design. It is easy to imagine a heroic knight wearing this as he rides into battle. Nothing will make you feel more confident and powerful than this suit of armor. A perfect choice for the most realistic armor you have ever seen, along with role-playing events or even a movie/advertisements production costume as well as being a functional suit of armor that you can wear from time to time, to create the perfect knightly costume. This piece will make a great display in any living room, den, or office and is sure to make an impressive statement. Welcome to Medieval Collectibles : We are a fast growing company since 1991 with a wide experience of developing historical & medieval times products in support with 25 experienced female professional executives, who are researching and developing medieval armor, Armor helmets, Roman Costumes, Halloween Costumes, Parts of Armor, Full suit of armour and other medieval collectibles. We customize all the costumes as per your requirement to articulate every part of the armour and you can use these in any of the occasion, Whether LARPing, fighting associations, theaters and events, participating in a re-enactment, Early Middle age clothing collection, fantasy events, SCA & LARP groups, authentic renaissance shoes, elegant outfits, create your unique character. There may be little size difference due to different men/women sizes, and to fix these in your size you need to bent it for small sizes and need to pull out for bigger sizes. There are leather straps too to tighten the armor as per your requirement.

We try to make quality product as per your requirement and satisfaction, sometimes there may be some minor quality issues due to different customer's expectations and we are improving our products quality after your valuable suggestion. Made of good quality of 18 gauge steel ARMOR Size - 6 FEET. It is completely Wearable and make you feel Ease on your sports Chest Size 46 and can be fit to most of the sizes as it is fully adjustable.

Our Armour Suit collections are a good option on occasion of New Apartment Flat Home Decoration or Can be used for Home or Office Decoration as an piece of Art Collection It can also be used to teaming up with Role Play Costumes. The Armor is Great Unique Gift Idea for Halloween Costumes, Party Costumes Movie Dress and Larp & Drama Costumes. Full Wearable Great Knights Helmet With Great Brass Detailing. It was an immense part of Crusader Knight Costumes and Outfit in Medieval War Time. Medieval Wearable Knight Crusader Full Suit of Armor Costume.

Made of good quality of 18 gauge steel. Great for LARP (live action role playing), cosplay, Halloween, fancy dress, theatrical props, and historical reenactments. All Armor products are made from the finest materials with an attention to providing intricate details in each piece.

Armor is Fully Wearable and Comfortable. Custom size armor can order direct to Vintique House INC. Medieval Knight Suit of Armor. Medieval Knight Suit of Armor Wearable Costume Authentic Reproduction Replica ARMOUR Size - 6 FEET 6 In shiny Finish Made Of Good Quality 18 gauge Steel The suit of Armour was worn over regular underclothes and was attached to the wearer using leather straps and buckles. IT was used to protect areas that could not be protected with plate armor. Suit of armor usually consists of the helmet breastplate & back plate gauntlets, Pauldrons (or shoulders), vambraces, cotters, sabatons (foot armor), gr eaves (to protect shins)and gorge t, sometimes called a neck guard.

Suits of armour had various uses. That doesn't mean giving up entirely on the idea of any kind of medieval costume for you, though. Often, creating somewhere to wear and take photos for social media is simply a question of finding the right design or building in a clever solution. These inspiring Medieval Full Suit Of Armor in Vintique House give the way, with their ingenious ideas for everyone when budget is tight and you want to customize your own design of Armour. Select carefully and Just give a text to Vintique House for your next Knight.

Sometimes, it's the combination of Comfort and Budget which we offer you to fit on both of your requirements, that will fit into a beautiful theme of yours. Choosing Knight Armor that can be pushed neatly under the budget of yours means even a generous armor may actually fit without paying the extra. Just make sure there's enough sizes you are giving with your order to make it fit and you can wear underneath armor to sit comfortably. Find a design from Vintique House Inc.

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Medieval Wearable Knight CRUSADOR Full Suit of Armour Collectibles Armor Costume